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Throwing, Spraying and ^6 Electric Firing with Steven Hill


323 W Maple Ave 64050 Independence United States
On the first day, Steven Hill will discuss his philosophy on making pottery, while throwing, assembling and decorating the forms and techniques that he is well known for. The focus will be on spouts, handles, form, surface, and the relationship between these elements.

When glazing on day 2 we will address ways to achieve the kind of richness and surface variation in electric kilns that potters have come to associate with reduction / atmospheric firing. The goal is not to imitate reduction, but to set the stage so that multiple layered glazes can interact with each other in the firing. The basic techniques of spraying and the more advanced theories of layering and blending glazes will be addressed. We will fire at ^6 – 8 oxidation.

On day 3 there will be technical lectures on spraying techniques, equipment, firing cycles, and further experimentation. Finally we will end up by unloading the kilns and discussing the results. Participants should bring in 4 to 6 small / medium size cylindrical pieces ready to be glazed. The pots should be made from porcelain or a white stoneware. They should be in the range of mug to medium vase size (no more than 6-8”). They should also bring 2 small horizontal pots (bowls, plates or tiles up to 8” diameter), to see how the glazes react on non-vertical pieces.