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Android: Netrunner Tournament


Game Cafe
107 W Lexington Ave 64050 Independence United States
Android: Netrunner Tournament!
Spring 2016 Kit

The following is a list of house rules that will be in effect at this tournament:
(1) Instead of the swiss paired two-game rounds described in FFG’s tournament regulations, the tournament will be composed of a series of swiss paired one-game rounds. These rounds will be 40 minutes long. Players will alternate sides between rounds, where possible. Pairings will be manually adjusted to prevent a player from playing the same side three times consecutively. There will be 6-8 rounds depending on attendance.
(2) The following cards are being banned from play in this tournament:
- Faust
- Museum of History
Please forward questions to the TO, Matthew Pjecha.

$5 Entry Fee
Registration starts at 11:00am. First round posted at Noon.
Swiss Pairings